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Sewing Classes

Basic Info.

  • Classes start at $50 per/hr with a 2-4 hour minimum. 

  • Classes are taught on-site at the designers studio location using the space and supplies provided. 

  • Come with muslin or desired fabric of your choice and fabric shears (scissors)

  • Come with sewing pattern from store for garment your wanting to construct (optional)


  • 2-Hour session: One-piece simple garment (shirt, top, pants, shorts, skirt, etc.)

  • 4-Hour session: One-piece intricate garment (jacket, dress, collar shirt, 2 piece set, etc.)

Clothing Making Process​​

  • Sketch Design of Desired Garment

  • Choosing Fabric & Trims (bring with you to class; I will have some materials on hand as well)

  • Pattern Making/Draping 

  • Fabric Spreading & Cutting

  • Sewing & Assembly

  • Quality Control & Inspection

  • Pressing & Finishing

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