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Aaris Knoelle Designs is the fashion brand for the woman or man with a Striking fashion sense. Who wants to be seen when they walk in a room without having to say a word. Aaris Knoelle design style could best be described as Chic though Edgy, Beautiful but Bold, Poise yet Daring. A combination of safe and risky all in one. Through her designs, Aaris Knoelle reveals the two sides most all people have in them; good and bad. Aaris Knoelle is best known for her Evening Wear designs, though she also specializes in Sports Wear, Custom Design, and Accessories. Your confidence and individuality will shine through with Aaris Knoelle Designs.


The difference between me and other brands or designers is that, rather than being a random theme or idea, I create from experience. My collection for example, being based off the Sydney Opera House and my experience there as a child. Each collection or piece has an underline meaning or insight if you will. Because what else is the purpose of anything if not telling a story. An experience. Just like with music or film, it’s telling a story. And that’s what fashion does for me. 


The best part of being a fashion designer is seeing my vision and artistry come to life. I enjoy taking what’s in my brain and translating it to clothing. I love clothing. Being able to express myself and see a product of what I conjured up in my head and mind is amazing. And having someone else wear a garment who can understand that same expression as well is very satisfying. I am dedicated to bringing innovative ideas and techniques to the table that would be beneficial in breaking new grounds in the fashion world.

The Summer Series

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